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The Zirbelstube


Fresh ideas, new preparation techniques and a unique handwriting.

A flavorful and exciting, new and creative cuisine – this is what we present to our guests. The main focus is always placed on products of the highest quality. We prefer locally grown herbs and plants as well as meat from animals raised and bred in the Swabian region. With exceptional ideas, new innovative preparation techniques, home-made spice blends and our very own creative style, we are combining the most diverse ingredients and textures to create light and fresh dishes.

Quite some time ago, Denis Feix decided to restrict his creations to a maximum of 3 products per plate – one main product as the focus of the dish, one to combine all others and one for the special touch that will make the whole extraordinary. With just these three products, different textures and tastes, Denis Feix is able to create suspenseful and complex dishes that combine sweetness, acidity and spiciness in harmony.

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