Foyer bar

Relax in a comfortable feel-good atmosphere in the foyer bar with a drink or our princely coffee table.

Princely coffee table

Come and enjoy our princely coffee table in our Foyer Bar. Enjoy the delicacies from the confectionery every day from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm in a cozy atmosphere. Reservation is requested.

You can expect: 
  • Coffee & tea
  • Delicacies from the confectionery
  • Coffee specialties
  • 1 glass of Ortenberg sparkling wine per person
  • Fresh waffles with seasonal compote
  • Rich selection of cakes

24,50 EUR per person 



End the evening with a drink in our hotel bar or on our cozy terrace.


Cocktail of the Month

Experience the taste of wild berries, prosecco and Campari.  

Enjoy this fresh drink in the relaxed atmosphere of our Foyer Bar.

Price: EUR 10,50

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Angelika Ganz

Angelika Ganz

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