Giro d'Italia

The aroma journey through Italy

Let the exclusive guest chef de cuisine Holger Lutz and restaurant manager Kilian Skalet present you regularly changing specialities of Italy.

Enjoy the diversity of Italy at the Althoff Hotel Fürstenhof Celle and the Taverna & Trattoria Palio. Discover the culinary and specialities for example from Liguria, Sicily or the Tuscany Be one of the first persons who can taste our special menus. Enjoy the cuisine of different regions of Italy and let our guest chefs present you their home region. 

since Friday, March 22nd  2019 07:00pm - Specialities from the Toskana
from Friday, May 24th 2019 07:00pm - Specialities from  Kalabrien
from Firday, August 30th 2019 07:00pm - Specialities from Emilia-Romagna
from Friday, November 8th 2019 07:00 Uhr - Specialities from Venice

Holger Lutz

Culinary Director

Kilian Skalet

Restaurant Manager Taverna & Trattoria Palio