New at club l'indochine this summer season

At club l'indochine in the Althoff Villa Belrose, Chef Jimmy Coutel and his team present the best of two great worlds - haute cuisine from France and the fresh, expressive cuisine of Indochina. In this interview, he reveals what makes the concept and his new signature menu so special.

The story behind club l'indochine

At the centre of the story behind club l'indochine are the two sisters Le Lynn and Le Nha - two fictional characters who grow up in the bustling streets of Saigon. From an early age, they experience the diversity of traditional Vietnamese cuisine - known for its fresh ingredients, aromatic herbs and sophisticated flavours and at the same time characterised by colonial French influences. Driven by the desire to learn more about this European heritage, Le Lynn packs her bags and moves to Paris. She immediately falls in love with the city and immerses herself in French culture and cuisine, without forgetting her own roots.

Where else but in the marvellous Villa Belrose in Saint Tropez could the reunion of the two sisters take place. 

Here they are realising their joint project: the development of a unique gastronomic concept based on the authentic combination of two (food) cultures. The dishes combine the sisters' Southeast Asian roots with the high culinary art of France in an incomparable way. In this way, Le Lynn and Le Nha are realising their dream at "club l'indochine" and building a delightful bridge between yesterday and today - thanks to the universal language of food.

In 2022, Thomas Althoff developed the idea into an outstanding culinary experience together with German-Vietnamese restaurateur The Duc Ngo and top chef Jimmy Coutel, who previously worked at Villa Belrose.

Interview with chef Jimmy Coutel

Mr Coutel, what is it that makes top cuisine truly innovative for you?

Jimmy Coutel: Within Althoff Hotels I always had the liberty to express my know how and express my personality in my dishes. A nice example this season 2024 is our “Osciètre Caviar” Artichokes with Provençal pepper sauce, deshydrated strips of caviar and artichoke pulp. The combination of Caviar and Artichokes is delicious.

In your restaurant, guests can always be sure to experience something new. Mr Coutel, you are celebrating the culinary connections between France and Vietnam with the concept "club l'indochine” in cooperation with German-Vietnamese chef The Duc Ngo. What can we expect this year from it? 

Jimmy Coutel: It is the third year that Duc Ngo and me have the pleasure to work together and we are combining beautiful French and Mediterranean products with the influences and taste of Indochine. 

A nice example is Mediterranean Octopus as a carpaccio with celery, ginger, spring onions, lime, chili and fish sauce.

What particularly attracted you to this cooperation? 

Jimmy Coutel: The fact that we can combine forces, I suggest beautiful French and Mediterranean products and then Duc Ngo and his team will come to give their Asian flavors and taste. Since this season I also have my own Mediterranean dishes and Signature Menu.

A signature dish from the regular menu that our readers should definitely try? 

Jimmy Coutel: There are of course many but as a main dish we have a beautiful “Red Mullet” grilled and slightly smoked, spinach ravioli, white asparagus with Piment d’Espelette pepper and rock broth. Bon appetit! 

What is the story behind the brand-new tasting menu, orchestrated by you and your brigade, Matthieu Perret Bernard, sous chef and Léa Le Berre, pastry chef? 

Jimmy Coutel: We created a brand new Signature Menu with 6 Dishes, you will visit the land and the sea of the Mediterranean, Red Mullet, Foie Gras, Sea Bream Sebaste, Bresse Chicken and to finish; Strawberry and Grapefruit. Experience the sun of the Côte d’Azur.

Your highlight on the new Signature Menu? 

Jimmy Coutel: The Sea Bream Sebaste, this dish is accompanied by Zucchini which comes from my friend Sydney who has his own garden in Grimaud and makes delicious vegetables.

You have recently started cooking on request for guests of the Bellevue Villa Rental villas. What makes this type of cooking special?

Jimmy Coutel: Of course, if possible, myself or one of my excellent staff will be happy to come to your villa and prepare our dishes for you. The special thing is that you also have the opportunity to savour the full flavour of club l'indochine and the new signature menu in an exclusive private atmosphere.

And looking into the slightly more distant future, what ideas are simmering in your kitchen right now? 

Jimmy Coutel: I want to improve the menu of our restaurant le mediteranee served at the pool and on the bar terrace, we are thinking of doing “French tartare“ in front of our clients and add some beautiful French grilled fishes like Dorade, Loup de Mer, Beau Yeux, this with our amazing view over the bay of Saint Tropez! What else do you want?

Taste the dishes of the season

Be curious and discover the menu of club l'indochine as well as the new signature menu by Jimmy Coutel. As an Althoff Bellevue Villa Rental guest, we guarantee a table reservation up to 24 hours before the desired date. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant!

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Are you a guest in one of our villas?

As a Bellevue Villa Rental guest, you also have the opportunity to savour the combination of haute cuisine from France and the fresh, expressive cuisine of Indochina directly at your villa. Here, Jimmy Coutel or a member of the kitchen team will enchant you exclusively with the most delicious dishes of the season.

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