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Cooking with Christian Jürgens

World class at lake Tegernsee - experience a cooking course with exceptional chef Christian Jürgens who is awarded with 3 Michelin stars. 

The most strictly kept secrets in a kitchen are the recipes - especially when the kitchen is one of the best in the world. We offer you the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and learn from the chef himself. It goes without saying that this unique experience - who will also individually answer your questions - can only take place in a small group.

Christian Jürgens - who is repeatedly awarded the highest scores by the leading gourmet guides - will not miss the opportunity to cook with you personally during the entire cooking course.

Our Head-Sommelière Marie-Christin Baunach puts together high-quality and exciting wine tastings for each cooking course so that you can experience the interplay of food and wine at the highest level!

Schedule of our Cooking Course

You start at 10.30 am with an aperitif in our culinary school "Genusswerkstatt". Afterwards you will cook for at least 4 hours with Christian Jürgens. The dishes will be served directly after the preparation with the matching wine.

Cooking Course with 3-star chef Christian Jürgens: EUR 630.00 per person

(number of participants is limited) including corresponding beverages and an exclusive tasting of special wines

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Cooking Courses 2021

January 2021 - "New Year, New Luck"

16th & 30th January 2021 | Beef tartare, scallops, gamba shanghai, calf's head risotto, "lucky charms"

February 2021 - "Fasting cuisine with taste"

13th & 27th February 2021 | Lobster, Watercress soup, Pike perch, White cabbage risotto, Quark soufflé

March 2021 - "Easter Parade"

13th & 27th March 2021 | Cabbage foam soup, Skate wings, Rye lasagna, Kid, Four kinds of burnt creme

May 2021 - "Everything is new in May"

22th & 29th May 2021 | May punch, Carpaccio rolls, Char lasagna, Exotic fish soup, Iced melon soup

June 2021 – "EURO-Cuisine"

26th June 2021 | RUSSIA: Duck borscht, FRANCE: Iced tomato with lobster, ITALY: Citrus risotto with cod, GERMANY: Smoked fillet of beef, SWITZERLAND: White toblerone crea

July 2021 – "Born to grill"

31th July 2021 | Steckerlbrot, Char, Orange salmon, T-bone steak, Veal cutlet, Lime foam with exotic fruits

August 2021 – "Cuisine Classics"

28th August 2021 | "Obatzda" with crispy walnut bread, "Krautwickerl", Loup de Mer, Filet Wellington, Pot souffle

September 2021 – "Autumn Kitchen"

25th September 2021 | Galanga soup with lobster, Rabbit, Cannelloni of sole with oysters & caviar, Venison, Curd cheese dumplings

October 2021 – "Bavarian Home Cuisine"

9th October 2021 | Char sashimi, Larded catfish, Pretzel dumpling lasagna, Stuffed milk pork belly, Apple pancake

November 2021 – "X-mas Boot Camp"

27th November 2021 | Lobster on cauliflower, Goose, Turbot, Consommé pistou, Baked apple

December 2021 – "X-mas Boot Camp"

4th & 11th December 2021 | Lobster on cauliflower, Goose, Turbot, Consommé pistou, Baked apple