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club l’indochine

saint tropez
by the duc ngo

European culinary art meets the intense herbs and spices of Indochina's cuisine

Experience the exciting pop-up concept "club l'indochine", which was developed exclusively for the Althoff Villa Belrose in collaboration with the well-known German-Vietnamese chef and successful Berlin gastronomy entrepreneur The Duc Ngo. The focus here is on the diverse connections between France and Vietnam, which have given rise to a highly interesting gastronomic style.

Chef Jimmy Coutel and his team present the best of two great worlds - the haute cuisine of France and the fresh, expressive cuisine of Indochina.

The excellent food must also be accompanied by the right quality of wine. Our head sommelier will be happy to advise you. With over 500 different positions of exclusively French wines, the wine list of "club l'indochine" is one of the most extensive in the region.

Of course, first-class service is just as much a part of the experience here as the breathtaking view of the bay of Saint-Tropez.


gazpacho de concombre & crabe royal
chilled cucumber coriander-mint gazpacho, king crab meat, avocado, celeriac, apple, lettuce
€ 75
nem de hanoi
wild red prawns, chicken farce, thai shiso, lettuce, vietnamese herbs, nuoc mam dip (fish sauce), 2pcs.
€ 38
red mullet ceviche indochine
flamed red mullet sashimi, ginger, coriander, nuoc mam, brown sugar, lime
€ 49
tai ikezukuri
sashimi dorade rose, raw sea bream slices, chili-ginger soy dip, lime zest, radish, shiso
€ 60
saint jacques de phu quoc
grilled scallop, roasted onions&garlic, sweet honey chili fish sauce, herb de provence
€ 32
tataki de l’indochine
short grilled tenderloin, red onion, chili, cucumber, tomato, coriander, fish sauce, lime juice
€ 42
gyoza d’épinard
steamed vegetable dumplings, filled with spinach-pine nuts, light soy sauce, beurre noisette, chinese vinaigrette, 3pcs
siu-mai de crevettes
steamed prawn dumpling, foie gras, orange jam, thai basil, 3 pcs.
€ 36
salade de papaye verte
young green papaya, dried beef jerky, herbs, peanuts, dried charlottes, nuoc mam vinaigrette
€ 28
huîtres “gillardeau”asiatique
fresh oyster, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, lime, 3 pcs. served
per oyster 10€
couteau de l’indochine
grilled razor clams, sweet spicy miso, lemongrass, ginger, galgant, kaffir leaves
€ 35


loup de mer chinois
steamed wild atlantic sea bass, ginger, scallion, coriander, premium chinese soy sauce, hot oil
€ 70
turbot de tonkin
grilled wild turbot, wild red prawns, cherry tomatoes, tomatodill-sugo, thai basilikum, dill-oi
€ 75
homard bleu asiatique
in salt baked whole blue lobster, kaffir leaves, lemon grass, galagant, green asparagus, calamansi vinaigrette, ginger-thai basil gremolata, fresh chili sauce
€ 170 / per piece
carré d’agneau de sisteron
grilled lamb saddle, panko flakes, five spice lamb-jus, herbs, chili, fermented black garlic gel
€ 60
rossini “charolais”de l’indochine
grilled charolais tenderloin, foie gras, black truffle, king mushrooms, dried plum, jus
€ 80


nem chay
deep fried rice paper spring rolls, filled with tofu, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce, herbs, vegan dip sauce
€ 20
légumes trilogie surprise
3 different seasonal vegetable à la chef
€ 29
tofu & truffle
deep fried tofu, sesame, scallion, young artichocke, sugar snaps, truffle, mango chutney sauce
€ 45


riz jasmin
steamed white rice
€ 6
riz à l’ail
garlic fried rice
€ 8
salade verte
green salad, fried charlottes, french vinaigrette
€ 12
cheese from our “maître fromager ragusa“
€ 27


café sua da
peanuts mousse and praline with roasted seeds, cacao chip tuile, white coffee granita and ice cream, 57% dark chocolate and concentrated milk emulsion
€ 22
tarte à l’ananas
grilled pineapple, ginger, spiced rum, sour cream ice cream
€ 20
la reine claude
iced parfait, steamy meringue, soft biscuit like a madeleine, olive oil ice cream from gassin
€ 22
grand cru chocolate
crunchy Guanaja leaves, creamy Jivara and crunchy grué, Tonka bean ice cream
€ 22
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Opening Hours

Daily 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

July till August:
Daily 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm