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Nature and the seasons are the model of Denis Feix. He and his team at Zirbelstube would like to present an exciting, aromatic and creative cuisine. The product of the very best quality is always in the foreground. His preference is for local products, i.e. in the wild and naturally grown animals and plants. In addition, he of course also processes products from all over the world if he considers them to be sensible, tastefully exciting or irreplaceable.

In winter he likes to use exotic fruits, but also local winter vegetables. Afterwards the spring messengers flow into the menus. Fresh herbs, mushrooms and salads determine the menus, partly from wild meadows and from the own garden. In summer, vegetables and berries, paired with sensational fish and crustaceans, are on the menu. And in autumn, with the cooler temperatures in nature, a harmonious heartyness begins to appear in the dishes.

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