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Barbecue Friday

Pleasure under the starry sky: Spanish BBQ delicacies live on the grill

During the warm summer months, when evenings are coziest on the terrace, Restaurant Jan Wellem under the Linden welcomes you back to our Barbecue Friday. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean flair and join us for unforgettable evenings full of flavor and conviviality on our terrace at the Salvador Dalí Bar. Where better to start the weekend in a relaxed way than in front of the dreamlike backdrop of the castle, comfortably under the linden trees.

The terrace transforms into a lively fiesta as the grill masters place our Spanish ingredients on the hot fire ring. From juicy Chorizo and other Spanish specialties to aromatic Tapas creations – here, you experience barbecue pleasure at its finest.

EUR 98 per person 
including Tapas and Barbecue, wine, water, and coffee

June 28th, 2024 | July 26th, 2024 | August 30th, 2024 
each from 18:30 to 21:30 hrs

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