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19th May 2024

Pentecost Matinée
Musical-Literary Chamber Concert

Musical-Literary Chamber Concert featuring works by Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler & César Franck, complemented by excerpts from the works of Marcel Proust.

Music, as a universal language that transcends the verbal and intellectual, has fascinated many representatives of literary art for centuries. In situations where even the finest language couldn't convey content anymore, music emerged to allow the sensing and grasping of the ineffable and incomprehensible. It transported listeners into the world of perfect harmony, a realm sought after by the human mind repeatedly. Selected works by the great late-Romantic masters Wagner, Mahler, and Franck, complemented by literary introductions from the works of Proust, in whose creations music appears as a particularly special phenomenon, will provide the audience with an unforgettable experience. During this time, all the turbulence of everyday life will temporarily fade away, and even time itself may seem to slow down.

Concert pianist and conductor Roman Salyutov is the chief conductor of the Bergisch Gladbach Symphony Orchestra, the initiator of several city festivals, and the director of opera productions for both national and international projects. In addition to numerous engagements in Germany and Europe, his appearances as a concert pianist have taken him to the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. Masterclasses and musicological lectures at domestic and foreign universities and within the framework of festivals are also part of his artistic work.

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