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An interview with chef William Drabble about the restaurant Francatelli

Celebrate Britain's cultural heritage as renowned chef William Drabble works with local suppliers to honour the culinary legacy of Charles Elmé Francatelli, who was 'head chef of the St James' Club' in the early 1800s. Francatelli was a famous chef of his time who left the St James' Club to become chef to Queen Victoria. Inspired by Francatelli's legendary cookery book from 1846, our new restaurant at the Althoff St. James's Hotel & Club presents modern interpretations of dishes from the 19th century.

What inspired you in the naming and concept of the restaurant?

William Drabble: The restaurant is named after Charles Elmé Francatelli, a British chef who lived in the Victorian era and worked as a chef for Queen Victoria. He published the cookbook "The Modern Cook" in 1846, which was a great inspiration for me to get back to basics and rediscover the joy of cooking. This book and Francatelli's techniques helped me to do that.

How does Francatelli's menu differ from other traditional British restaurants?

William Drabble: We strive to create modern interpretations of 19th century dishes using the finest British produce. Rather than offering multiple variations of a dish, we focus on perfecting classic dishes, such as the perfect Shepherd's Pie. Our menu, which we call "Bill of Fare", also includes dishes such as Scotch Broth and pan-fried plaice fillets with Francatelli's tartar sauce, inspired by Francatelli's original recipes.

Can you tell us more about the design and atmosphere of Francatelli?

William Drabble: The restaurant and bar have been redesigned to create a cosy yet elegant atmosphere that appeals to both local and international guests. We offer a blend of traditional and modern elements that reflect the long history of the Althoff St James's Hotel & Club while providing a fresh, contemporary experience. Our aim is to create a place where people come not only to eat, but also to stay and enjoy.

What can Francatelli's guests expect when they visit the restaurant?

William Drabble: Guests can expect a carefully curated selection of dishes that celebrate British cuisine and its history. These include our interpretations of classic recipes prepared with quality local ingredients. We also offer a selection of seasonal punches and signature cocktails, also inspired by Francatelli's work. We want our guests to experience an unforgettable culinary journey through time.

Curious to try it out?

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