Authentic, fresh and mediterranean lifestyle

Experience the uniqueness of BACiO della MAMMA Berlin and the seductive Cicchetti concept at BACiO della MAMMA Lucerne

Discover the unique flair of two special places: the BACiO della MAMMA Berlin and the BACiO della MAMMA Lucerne. Let yourself be inspired by the passion for Italian cuisine, which fits perfectly into the concept of our Althoff Hotels.

The special Chiosco-style culinary experience

Located in the heart of Berlin - in the centre of URBAN LOFT Berlin - we celebrate the Italian lifestyle with an urban twist. The focus here is on quick, communal indulgence - ideal for a lively chat with friends or a relaxed after-work session with colleagues. Discover our favourite spot for uncomplicated Italian street food delicacies. Authentic, uncomplicated and peppered with a touch of Berlin coolness.

Designed as a Chiosco & Bar, the BACiO della MAMMA is located in the "Open Space" area of the URBAN LOFT Berlin. URBAN FOOD here means "Pinsa e altro" - the finest Italian ingredients combined with a love of cooking. The menu includes a small but fine selection of Mediterranean delicacies such as pinsa romana, antipasti, insalata and sweet desserts. The Chiosco invites you to enjoy and linger in various seating areas: whether in the spacious LOFT, on the beautiful outdoor terrace in the quiet inner courtyard or on the rooftop with a view over Berlin's city centre. A special kind of culinary experience.

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Cicchetti - A piece of Venice in Lucerne

Cicchhetti are at the heart of Venice's culinary tradition. They are served in the quaint "bàcari", the traditional wine bars that can be found in the winding alleyways and along the romantic canals of the lagoon city. Delicious bruschettas, lovingly topped with local ingredients, are served with the wine.

The special thing about cicchetti is their versatility and conviviality. There is no better way to spend a typical evening in Venice than on a delightful journey of discovery from bacaro to bacaro, savouring new, delicious cicchetti with every glass of wine. This tradition creates a unique gastronomic experience that emphasises the joy of sharing and discovery. 

Cicchetti are so popular in Venice that in some bacari the number of canapés served with a glass of wine is limited - a sign of their speciality and the desire to consciously celebrate this culture of enjoyment.

We believe that this way of savouring, which is at home in Venice, also has a special place in Lucerne - in a city known for its picturesque beauty, cultural diversity and openness to culinary discovery. That is why we have taken up this philosophy at BACiO della MAMMA Lucerne - a piece of Venice awaits you here in the centre of Lucerne. With great attention to detail and a deep understanding of Italian food culture, you will find a carefully selected variety of cicchetti as the perfect accompaniment to our homemade cocktails. 

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A love of Italian cuisine

What do the Althoff Hotels have in common with Italian cuisine? It is a passion for quality, attention to detail and the pursuit of an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In our restaurants, such as the BACiO della MAMMA in Berlin and Lucerne, we live this philosophy every day. We believe that good food is more than just food - it is an art form that brings people together and brings joy.

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Whether you are longing for a break or want to share special moments with your loved ones, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our restaurants soon and providing you with unforgettable moments of hospitality and enjoyment.